Molex Pin Map Configurator

Backplane Pin Map Configurator

Save days of work by quickly generating and downloading a backplane pin map based on your specific backplane requirements

Start by specifying your backplane signal and power needs and you will be presented with various module options based on the slot pitch and overall lengths that match your requirements.

Selecting one of the module options will take you to a Molex recommended pin map that shows where Molex recommends putting differential pairs, ground pins, low-speed signals, and power pins. The pin map will also show the number of unused pins. From there, you can customize the pin map to meet your specific needs by toggling the function of each pin.

When you complete your pin map, you can generate a downloadable Microsoft Excel (XLS) spreadsheet file of the pin map you designed by simply completing the form. Your pin map will also be submitted to the experts on the Molex backplane team for review and advice.

  • Required Specs
  • Slot Pitch Options
  • Confirm Pin Map
  • Review and Submit

Pin Map Module
Impact Module
Pin Map Module

Required Specifications

Less Than Greater Than

  • Conventional Orientation
    (RA2 Vertical)
  • Conventional 3.0mm Orientation
    Conv. 3.0mm
    (RA2 Vertical)
  • Mezzanine Orientation
  • Coplanar Orientation
  • Orthogonal Orientation
  • Orthogonal Direct Orientation
  • zX2 Conventional Orientation
    zX2 Conventional
  • zX2 Coplanar Orientation
    zX2 Coplanar
  • zX2 Orthogonal Orientation
    zX2 Orthogonal
  • zX2 Orthogonal Direct Orientation
    zX2 Orthogonal

90° 270°


18 mm
22 mm
25 mm
28 mm
37 mm
38 mm
40 mm

Yes No

Yes No

Yes No

0.46 mm
0.39 mm
0.36 mm

Yes No

Yes No

Pin Map Module

Requirement Configuration

Please select the configuration requirements for your Pin Map from the options to the left.