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Country of Origin/Nafta Request Form

Country of Origin/NAFTA Request Form

Use the list box below to copy/paste Molex part numbers (and your own part numbers) from a spreadsheet or .txt file

  Paste your list of parts here:
  Data Information:

  Requester Information:

* Required Field



1. Copy the column of Molex part numbers from your spreadsheet (maximum of 100)*

* You can also include the customer part number (for reference) if it should be included in the completed request for up to 100 parts only. Any more than 100 parts and the customer part number cannot be included on the finished form. To do so, make sure the columns you are copying have the Molex part number on the left and your part number on the right.

2. Paste your data into the list box on the left.

3. Select the type(s) of request(s) you are making (NAFTA, COO, ECCN, HTS)

4. Enter the Calendar Year for which your request should be processed.

5. Select whether or not the data you have pasted contains a header row. In the example above, you would select the 'Header row' button.

6. Hit Send Request.

Keep in mind that in order to successfully process your request a valid Molex part number is required. Upon submitting your request a confirmation screen will be displayed along with part numbers we did not recognize and could not process. Please contact your Molex representative if you need assistance with this site.