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U.S Routing Instructions

Inbound Routing - US Domestic

  1. Vendor must use the Molex LLC. Purchase Order number as a reference, bill of lading or shipment number on shipments. If more than one PO is sent, packing list must document all Molex PO芒聙聶s sent in that shipment.
  2. When making more than one shipment to the same Molex LLC. location on the same day, please consolidate all shipments onto one bill-of-lading or shipment.
  3. All shipments must show the density of that product on the US LTL truck carrier bill-of-lading, include the appropriate NMFC number and appropriate freight class.
  4. Molex LLC is self-insured therefore no shipment should be marked with declared value or additional insurance purchased to move the shipment.
  5. Ground, LTL or truckload shipments are considered standard modes of transportation. Air or premium shipments are not permitted unless authorized by a Molex LLC. employee or supplier agreement.
*** FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THESE INSTRUCTIONS WILL RESULT IN ALL FREIGHT COSTS BEING CHARGED BACK TO YOUR COMPANY*** If you have any questions regarding these instructions, please contact the Logistics Department at 1-630-718-5002 or

If carrier does not populate please contact the Logistics Department at

Please contact the nominated carrier to schedule a pickup at your location.
Transportation Carrier Contact List:

Third Party Billing Address (Molex): Molex-KBX Logistics, Conduent Business Services LLC, PO Box 981957, El Paso, TX 79998-1957
Third Party Billing Address (Phillips Medisize): Phillips Medisize C/O KBX Logistics, C/O Affiliated Computer Services (ACS), P.O. Box 981957, El Paso, TX 79998-1957

Inbound Routing - International

Contact AME Logistics either phone: 1-630-718-5002 or via email: