Wide Range of Automotive Applications

Molex has a proven legacy of providing design and manufacturing capabilities for robust and safe automotive-grade header solutions for electronic engine control units. These solutions are designed for a wide range of automotive applications, including combustion-engine-driven cars, hybrid vehicles and electrical vehicles.

As the transition to smaller systems is also happening with engine controllers as requirements for circuit counts reach more than 300 in such systems - smaller wires and terminal systems create challenges when it comes to operating in environments with higher temperatures and vibration. To benefiting vehicle lifespan, Molex鈥檚 terminal designs and work on plating and contact physics have brought small terminal systems that can operate in these harsh environments.

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Molex is committed to supporting advanced manufacturing technologies such as press-fit and offer header solutions that support low and medium power, high pin counts, data connectivity, embedded systems with high-speed connectivity, miniaturization and sealing for harsh external applications. High performance and superior connectivity are expectations throughout the vehicle, including the essential components at the heart of every car. Molex connectors have been trusted for more than 80 years and deliver the reliability, quality and breadth of solutions needed for automotive connectivity.

High performance and superior connectivity automotive-grade header solutions

Designed for a wide range of automotive applications in combustion-engine-driven cars.

Designed for a wide range of automotive applications in electrical vehicles.


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