The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) has quickly become the Internet of ALL Things. From 2 billion objects in 2006 to a projected 200 billion by 20201, smart devices are going to be just as prevalent in your home as they will be in factories, business and healthcare.

By 2025, the total global worth of IoT technology could be as much as $6.2 trillion—most of that value coming from devices in health care (USD 2.5 trillion) and manufacturing (USD 2.3 trillion)2.

Molex Micro Solutions: Supporting IoT's Continuing Evolution

Making IoT Possible

Molex's advanced electronic solutions have redefined what's possible for a wide variety of industries. We leverage our expertise to shape our product portfolio to fit your ever-expanding needs.

From real-time analytics of supply chains to machines talking to each other, it is projected that 40.2% of IoT will reside in Manufacturing by 2025. Find out how Molex is supporting IAS 4.0.

Connected Mobility

The cars of the not-so-distant future require advanced vehicle architectures that go beyond components. It’s the sum of all the parts that count. Learn more about Molex’s ground-breaking end-to-end solution.

The idea of “home” has greatly evolved. They are now connected “hubs of functionality”. They are evolving from Connected to Proactive. Find out what it takes to turn the home Proactive.

Connected Healthcare

Portable health monitoring and electronic recordkeeping are just a few of the IoT enabled areas in the Medical field. Molex can support IoT demands for critical, life-saving technology with an incredible breadth of solutions, including some of the smallest interconnects available.

Connected Consumer

Mobile devices are more than they seem. They’re a collection of components gathering data: a camera, a mic, a scanner, etc. Each piece enabling IoT to reside in your pocket. Find all the pieces you need to bring IoT to your customer.

5G Telecom

The central premise of IoT is to not only connect people more efficiently, but to also allow for greater interconnectivity and control of machines, objects and devices. 5G networks offer high Gbps data transfer rates, low latency and high capacity which benefits both consumers and businesses alike.

The Infinite Potential of IoT

The power of IoT lies beyond the data that already exists. It resides in the potential data that can be harvested globally. IoT will allow systems and devices to capture and transfer information through a wide array of connected sensors that will essentially turn the world into data. From to , the possibilities are endless. Find out how Molex can help connect you to the world.


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